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243 WSSM Browning A-Bolt
Pack Wheel Lightweight Game Cart

The 243 WSSM is one of my favorite cartridges. I own three rifles chambered for the 243 WSSM. I spend a lot of time hunting, shooting and reloading for the 243 WSSM. Below are links to my experiences with the 243 WSSM.

I started this website as my journal for experiences while hunting and shooting the 243 WSSM cartridge. I have now moved all my 243 WSSM information into my hunting and shooting journal website, theDIYhunter.com. Below are links to some of the 243 WSSM related information on my theDIYhunter.com website.

243 WSSM Information:

WSSM Brass
We have a supplier of WSSM brass! Bill at Hill Billy Brass is forming WSSM brass from WSM brass. Thank you Bill!

Hunting and Shooting with the 243 WSSM:
243 WSSM Videos: